Monday, May 4, 2009

Silking *Silk Therapy for silky, shiney hair* Is this brand any good?

I havn't tried it yet, but it sounds great. I just bought it and it sounds great.

Key Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed silk Protien - Smooths damaged cuticales

Shea Butter: Instand nourishment, smoothing, moisterizing

Vitamin E / Sillicones: Incredible shine, defrizzant (MY HAIR IS FRIZZ CITY)

Is this shampoo any good? I can post all the ingredients if needed.

Silking *Silk Therapy for silky, shiney hair* Is this brand any good?
Is this "Silk Therapy, by Farouk?".

I know people that swear by the product, but I personally think it's about as good for my hair as water is. I also don't like the cheap perfume smell associated with it.
Reply:yes, i love that shampoo.
Reply:There is a trick to these types of products. and it all depends on the type of hair you have. if you have straight hair, it will give the apearance of your hair being silky and smooth because the light reflects off of them

if your hair has coils, or is tightly coiled, it will most likely create a build up on the hair strands and not apear 'Shiney'

Shampoo also makes the hair dry. The soap will dry the hair out. Conditioning is the way to go when trying to make your hair healthy and moisturized
Reply:well usually these types of shampoos make your hair oily but it depends on your hair so if your hair gets oily fast then dont use it.
Reply:People! Come on! Did we go to high school??

Hair is dead, vitamins and all that fancy goodness does absolutely NOTHING for it. For the scalp, it works to some degree, but it does nothing for your hair. It makes me sick to see how many people are getting ripped off! Your hair is made from keratin, the same stuff that your nails are made of. Putting vitamins on your hair would give you the same affects as rubbing vitamins on your nails...nothing.
Reply:it will work... but u can try some pantene smooth and silky conditioner 2. it'll add on

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